Compliant with Federal and State laws






Customer Service


Straightforward Interface



  • Compliant with Federal and State laws
  • Online Screening
  • Good Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Expensive
  • No Immediate Pricing
  • Need to Submit Email To See Results

Our In Depth Review

The Process

CertaPet is a company that allows users to register their pet as an emotional support animal. Their website allows users to sign up to get a real ESA letter. They do not offer service animal certifications so if you are seeking one, you will have to go to another company.

To begin your ESA process with CertaPet, you need to press on the ‘Get Started with a Free Pre-Screening Now’ button which you will see as soon as they enter the home page. It is also littered across most of their pages so it is hard to miss.

Certapet Home Page

You will then be taken to a new page which explains the process of completing the pre-screening test which is free to do and will evaluate if they are suitable for an ESA letter for your animal. You cannot see pricing information unless you complete the pre-screening and give all of your vital contact info to CertaPet first.

CertaPet Screening

In general, the process with CertaPet is fairly user friendly and modern. The site seems to be secure and they offer multiple customer service options.


As of January 2019, the pricing for an ESA Housing Letter from CertaPet is $149.99. CertaPet also has a travel letter that is the same cost. CertaPet is one of the priciest ESA Letter providers that we have seen and the need to purchase two letters to get full benefits makes it even more expensive. Most ESA Letter providers give you both travel and housing benefits without the need to purchase two letters of a package bundle.


According to CertaPet, the letters that are provided by them are 100% compliant with Federal and State laws, matched with all states and they use licensed mental health professionals to help evaluate users who want to register for an ESA letter.

Based on our analysis and feedback that we have received from our users the CertaPet ESA Letter is legit. They actually have a doctor evaluate your need and sign the letter. Having a real doctor as part of the process is the most important part of a legitimate ESA Letter.

Some people have reported that certain landlords and airlines have rejected the CertaPet ESA Letter. This is likely caused by abuse from people obtaining illegitimate letters from other companies. Airlines have started to crack down on ESA Letters because of abuse so make sure to check with your airline or rental agency to understand their policies on ESAs.

Final Thoughts

CertaPet offers legitimate ESA letters but unfortunately require you to enter a lot of personal info before you can evaluate the cost. The cost itself if fairly expensive compared to other legitimate letters and the need to get two letters for housing and airline only perpetuates that.

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