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  • Not An Official Document
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  • Expensive For What You Are Getting
  • Legitimacy Not Specified

Our Review does not provide you with a legitimate ESA letter. They essentially let you purchase a certificate and merchandise to make it look like your pet is a legit emotional support animal. This might be enough for some people but the problem with is that it does not specify that it is not a doctor certified site. We recommend that you do not spend your money here so that you do not run into any problems if someone actually checks the legitimacy of your ESA registration.

US Dog Registry

What You Are Getting

As you can see from the image above,¬† offers 3 packages for purchase. These packages essentially give you a piece of paper and some “ESA” merchandise to make it look like you have a legit ESA. These packages are not that cheap for what you are getting. You could essentially go to a printing store and get a certificate template printed with your dogs name on it and you would have the exact same thing.

Final Thoughts

Services like these are a problem because they undermine legitimate ESA letters. Airlines and housing complexes are becoming weary of illegitimate certificates so you are unlikely to get far with registration like this.

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